Loss is part of life and comes in many forms;

loss of home, relationship, opportunity, health, person, pet and other such losses.

But when it confronts us, we are not always prepared for the impact.

Grief is the term to describe our experience of a loss.  It tells us that things have changed.

Our normal coping strategies may seem inadequate or inappropriate to cope with the change and adjustment required, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, confused, out of control and alone.

Canberra Grief Centre specialises in the provision of services to support grief, bereavement and trauma associated with a loss.

Supporting you individually, with your partner and/or family

Care and support to grieving children and their carers

Advice and support to your school or workplace following an incident involving loss

Training and education tailored to the specific needs of your group

Assistance and advice in the development of organisational policy and procedures to support a death in a school or workplace

Grief can be painful like no other and difficult to navigate through all that comes following a loss.  Canberra Grief Centre offers a gentle supportive space in which to make sense of your own experience of loss, understand the impacts and assist you to re-orientate yourself in life again.

Growth through grief