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We offer confidential grief and bereavement counselling and support to:

  • adults, adolescents, children
  • individuals, couples, families
  • health professionals impacted by loss

Services offered by the Centre are primarily focused on supporting people who have experienced a death or are living with/caring for someone with a life limiting illness.  However, our counselling services also support grief following other loss such as health, relationship, employment, faith.

From our experience, where practicable and appropriate, bereaved children under the age of 10, are best supported in their grief by a trusted primary care giver(s).  We assist this process by supporting and guiding the primary care giver to encourage open conversations about the loss, to understand grief in the family context and introduce strategies for children and families to cope and build resilience together.   However, we this is not appropriate or practicable we provide a safe space for children to explore and understand their loss experience.  A counsellor at the Centre can assist you to determine the type and level of support most suited for you and your child.  

Referral Options

You can self refer by either phoning us directly or sending an enquiry here.  We will respond as soon as we receive your enquiry.  Alternatively, you can consent to a friend, family member or health professional facilitating contact with the Centre on your behalf.

A referral from a medical practitioner is not required to access the Centre, further ensuring the confidentiality of your visit.  A Mental Health Plan is not required to access our service. 

Fee for Service Practice

We are a private, fee for service practice.  

Health care card and seniors concession provided upon presentation.  

Currently, government rebates are not available for services offered at the Centre. However, our fee is commensurate with the gap you may be expected to pay under a Medicare rebated service.  You might like to read more about Mental Health Plans and counselling services in our articles section.  Check with your private health fund for available insurance rebates on counselling services. 

Payment can be made by cash or EFTPOS at the end of the appointment. 

Structure of Appointments

All appointments are one hour in duration unless discussed and agreed by both parties prior.  An appointment can generally be made within a week following your initial contact with us.  

Your needs at this time will be unique and treated as such by the staff at the Centre.  You will not be expected nor required to attend a fixed number of appointments.   The frequency of visits will be determined by you in consultation with the counsellor, to ensure you continue to cope and adapt to your loss in a way that is meaningful for you.   Our door is always open, so that even after the initial visit(s), you can return at any point when you feel it would be helpful. 

Mandy is available for appointments each Monday and Tuesday.  Sonia is available for appointments each Thursday and Friday. 

To discuss your personal needs, please contact the Centre.

Training and Education

We offer a variety of grief workshops to the general public and professional groups.  Our workshops are designed to meet the specific needs of each group.

We have worked closely with many organisations supportive of bereaved people, to deliver grief and loss workshops.  These organisations include Belconnen Community Services and other community groups, Ronald McDonald House, Solace, palliative care volunteers and staff, Lifeline Canberra, OzHelp, legal firms, pastoral care groups, aviation authorities, students (nurses, counsellors, social workers), Australian Federal Police, Australian Nurse Association, residential aged care homes, veterinary clinics, school/education principals and staff.

If you are seeking to better prepare and support your organisation and employees for the impact of loss and grief, we welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss your specific needs.  You can contact us on either of the numbers listed below or forward us an enquiry.

Click here to read more about public workshops offered by the Centre.

Professional Debriefing

We recognise that any profession can be impacted by the experience of a death, multiple deaths or multiple exposure to death.  In particular, those affected may include emergency services personnel, Defence Force personnel, health professionals, social workers and carers.  Sometimes we can be surprised by the personal impact of these incidents.  We might feel shame, embarrassment, judged by others or not supported by those around us.

We offer confidential debriefing, counselling and support to those (individuals or groups) affected by death while operating in a professional capacity.

To discuss your personal needs, please contact the Centre

Bereavement Support Groups

We recognise the unique healing capacity of group support through the sharing of similar experiences.  Throughout the year, Canberra Grief Centre will facilitate bereavement support groups for members of the public. 

View 'workshops' for scheduled groups.  Or to register your interest in participating in a particular support group, please contact the Centre.